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Like the ancient civilizations of Greece & Egypt, the Andes have been the subject of a great deal of scholarly research. They have also been an area of considerable focus in modern times for matters such as sustainable development, indigenous identity and rights and biodiversity conservation. Below we provide you with just a few sources of information about this incredibly rich and fascinating part of the world?we hope you take some time to inform yourself before visiting the Central Andes, it will make your trip much more interesting if you have some background information upon arrival.





      1491--Charles C. Mann

     Bolivia, A Concise History--Herbert S. Klein

     Devil in the Mountain--Simon Lamb

     The Articulated Peasant--Enrique Mayer

     Oppressed But Not Defeated: Peasant Struggles Among the Aymara and Quechua in Bolivia, 1900-1980--Silvia Rivera C. 

     Healers of the Andes: Kallawaya Herbalists and Their Medicinal Plants--Joseph Bastien





     Culture and Society in the Andes--hundreds of articles about the Andes

     Bolivia Web--news and other general information

     Conservation International Bolivia

     Wildlife Conservation Society Bolivia

     Wikipedia--Bolivia listing

     International Year of Biodiversity 2010





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