La Paz on Foot, as part of SendasAltas – Operadores en turismo, is committed to providing responsible, safe, high-quality, and memorable travel and learning experiences in the Central Andes. We follow locally, nationally, and internationally recognized biosecurity protocols to ensure our travelers and the people and places they visit all have the peace of mind they deserve. The safety of our clients, employees, business partners, and the communities we work with is a top priority for our team and leadership.

Because of the current public health crisis, triggered by the 2020 global coronavirus pandemic, over the past several months and after consultations with experts and colleagues, a review of biosecurity protocols such as those of Bolivia’s Viceministry of Tourism, the World Health Organization, and the Adventure Travel Trade Association as well as numerous internal discussions amongst team members and our field partners, we are pleased to present the following revised travel and tourism safety guidelines that we strictly follow and enforce so that both our clients and our suppliers can travel, together, with peace of mind. For further details on our protocols and how we implement them on our travel programs, please contact us: [email protected]


Note: The protocols presented here are current as of October 2020. La Paz on Foot will update our travel and tourism safety guidelines as new information and protocols are developed and recommended. At time of booking, our guests will be provided with an updated version of this document along with other tour documents. 


Group Travel

  • During all programs, small groups with customized itineraries will be encouraged to permit and encourage physical distancing.
  • All field partners, such as hotels, guides, and transportation providers will be required to follow our enhanced safety standards and protocols.
  • During the pandemic, day-trips, and destinations where physical distancing can be easily maintained will be recommended. 
  • La Paz on Foot has adopted flexible cancellation and refund policies in case the trip must be canceled because of health and/or hygiene emergencies.


Our Field Partners

La Paz on Foot works with dozens of partners throughout the Central Andes. We are in constant contact with our drivers, hotels, restaurants, and guides in order to ensure the safety of our programs. Furthermore, we are continuously refining our selection of accommodations, restaurants, and retailers to be sure that all partners are in compliance with the safety protocols we require for our clients and that protect the providers as well.



Our guides are all trained in La Paz on Foot safety and hygiene protocols. At the beginning of each tour, our guides will provide guests with relevant information and guidance on the protocols that must be followed during the program. La Paz on Foot only works with guides who commit to following the biosafety protocols established by local authorities in international bodies and the company. To this end, all guides will:

  • Wear a face mask and maintain physical distancing.
  • Provide periodic access to handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer.
  • Ask guests to sanitize hands when entering any building or office facilities, before starting an activity and as often as needed throughout the activity.
  • Support our travelers in case of any emergency.
  • Monitor interactions with tour partners, such as restaurants and hotels, to ensure that all follow the safety and hygiene protocols described herein. 
  • During tour activities, monitor safety considerations such as crowd size and make modifications to itineraries to reduce risks.



La Paz on Foot works with private transportation providers throughout the Central Andes. In order to mitigate health and hygiene risks associated with enclosed spaces, all of our transportation providers will adhere to the following measures to mitigate risk:

  • Vehicles will be ventilated out and thoroughly sanitized before and after every service.
  • Drivers will wear face masks and maintain social distancing. 
  • Drivers will provide sanitary mats to disinfect footwear and provide hand sanitizer for clients. 
  • When possible considering weather, vehicle windows will be open before and during service.
  • Passenger spacing in vehicles will be determined according to vehicle size and type. 
  • All vehicles will have a basic First Aid kit.



La Paz on Foot only works with accommodation providers that have implemented all relevant protocols necessary to deliver a safe rest to our clients. We work closely with each lodging to make sure they implement deep and frequent cleaning practices and comprehensive customer service and information procedures. These include informing guests about the accommodations health and safety practices, physical distancing, and enhanced food safety and hygiene.

All accommodation staff will:

  • Check visitor temperature upon arrival and as requested.
  • Have the travelers’ information and keys ready before arrival to ensure a smooth and rapid check-in process.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning in common areas and contact surfaces.
  • Use clean facial masks.
  • Coordinate meal schedules with guests to minimize crowding in dining spaces.



The gastronomy of the Andes and Amazon regions of the Central Andes is a highlight for all visitors. La Paz on Foot ensures that our clients will still be able to enjoy the traditional local gastronomy and learn about the differences of cultures and traditions from one region to another that are reflected in the local dishes.

In order to do so, we work only with restaurants that have implemented all the relevant protocols to deliver a safe dining experience to our clients. Restaurant staff will:

  • Check visitor temperature upon arrival and as requested.
  • Regularly sanitize bathrooms.
  • Provide visibly accessible hand sanitizer for guests.
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning in common areas and contact surfaces.
  • Use clean facial masks.
  • Coordinate with La Paz on Foot to minimize crowding in dining spaces.

Regarding the preparation of meals and/or snack en route, personnel in charge of preparing and distributing meals will use face masks, gloves, and caps at all times. Snack items will be packed individually and buffet-style will no longer be used and food provided on the tour will be covered and protected.


Recommendations and Requests for our Clients

La Paz on Foot will update our clients on the situation in Bolivia and any changes on the local policies that may affect their trip. We will provide to our clients 24/7 emergency numbers in order to have assistance around the clock during their trip. We will also be checking the health conditions of all of the guides, drivers, and staff that will be in contact with our travelers.


Before you travel

La Paz on Foot recommends that travelers:

  • Carefully review the information provided here as well as that provided by your home country and international travel providers regarding travel and tourism health and safety protocols.
  • Make sure you have all the correct documents required by your destination country in order to travel there and, if necessary, secure a visa. La Paz on Foot will provide you with current requirements by the countries you visit with us prior to your arrival. 
  • Purchase travel insurance with coverage that includes COVID-19 during your trip.
  • Keep up to date on any changes to the travel restrictions from your home country that can affect your trip and let us know as soon as possible.
  • Travel with personal protection equipment, including spare masks and extra hand sanitizer.


During your visit

  • Wear face masks when in public spaces and whenever possible maintain a minimum 3m/6ft physical distance with tour guides, drivers, and any other person outside your travel pod.
  • Make sure that each person in your group has individual equipment, for example, water bottles, masks, hand sanitizer, trekking poles, and sleeping bags.
  • Wash hands regularly and uses hand sanitizer. 
  • Clean gear that comes into frequent contact with skin, for example, phones, cameras, water bottles, backpacks, clothing, and sleeping bags.
  • Notify your guide or your La Paz on Foot contact if you are experiencing health concerns and/or cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Notify La Paz on Foot immediately if you observe breaches of biosecurity protocols by our staff or field partners.


After your trip

  • After your trip, monitor your health carefully. If you experience any cold or flu symptoms, please let SendasAltas know as soon as possible.
  • Share with La Paz on Foot your feedback on the health and safety protocols provided during your trip, help us to do our best!
  • If during the next 15 days after the trip you feel unwell and get a positive COVID-19 test please let us know immediately.

¡Gracias – Together we can travel safely!