Santiago de Okola 3-day

Program Details

Duration: 3-day

Difficulty: 2 (moderate)

Itinerary: La Paz - El Alto - Lake Titicaca - Santiago de Okola - La Paz

Highlights: La Paz & El Alto Cityscapes, Altiplano Farms & Villages, Lake Titicaca Natural & Cultural History, Santiago de Okola Homestays, Cordillera Real

Price: $160 per person, min. 3

Inclusions: Bi-lingual guide, Local transport, Andean snack, Lodging, Homestay meals, Weaving Workshop, Community Tour, Sleeping Dragon Ascent

Contact & Booking

Santiago de Okola is a tranquil fishing and farming community located on the shore of Lake Titicaca, about three hours to the north of La Paz. Since 2008, the village has been receiving visitors, who stay with families who have set up special rooms for their guests. On our three-day visit, you will participate in a community tour, a workshop of your choice on weaving, cooking or medicinal plants and enjoy traditional meals with your host family. You will also have form free time to stroll along the beach, ascend the famous Sleeping Dragon and have ample time enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. If you dare, consider a plunge into Sacred Lake Titicaca – you won’t be gobbled up but you may be a wee bit chilly!


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