Hampaturi Valley Hike Full-day

  • La Paz 2
  • La Paz 1
  • La Paz 2
  • La Paz 3
  • La Paz 4
  • La Paz 5
  • La Paz 6
  • La Paz Ciudad 40 srt-Recuperado

Get out of the city and into the Andes! The Hampaturi Ramble takes you to the bucolic farming landscape of Hampaturi Valley, parallel to the valley of La Paz and a short 30 minute drive from the city center. We’ll spend the day exploring the valley and getting a new and stunning view of La Paz from the south and a look how the valley of La Paz might have looked a few hundred years ago. We start out on the western side of the valley and ascend along a gentle gradient until arriving at Hampaturi Lake that provides much of La Paz with potable water. After a delicious picnic at the lakeside, we cross the dam and descend along the valley’s eastern side, passing through several small villages along they way. We finish up in in the village of Chicani before heading back to La Paz, arrival time about 5:00pm.

Program Details

Duration: Full-day
Difficulty: 2 (moderate)
Itinerary: La Paz – Hampaturi Valley – La Paz
Highlights: La Paz Cityscapes, Andean Farming Villages, Cordillera Real, La Paz History & Culture
Price: $100/per person min. 2
Inclusions: Bi-lingual guide, local transport, box lunch & entrance fees

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