Responsible Travel Guarantee

La Paz on Foot has been committed to responsible travel from the start. We demonstrate that commitment in our day-to-day operations through minimizing waste produced on our trips, maintaining respectful relationships with our partners and treating our staff and guides as our equals. We aren’t perfect but we strive to do our best. We also practice responsible travel through third-party certification and commitments to international responsible travel agreements such as TourCert and the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s Values Statement and Climate Pledge.


Quality Programs & Fair Prices

Responsible travel means designing and operating high-quality, low-impact travel programs and services at a fair price ensuring professional and dignified working conditions and benefits for everyone involved. We believe in designing travel experiences that bring together professional guides, experienced, careful drivers and ecologically and socially committed lodgings and restaurants so that what we do brings benefits to everyone from the cooks and porters to our guests and their friends and family. In some cases that means higher prices and you have our word that your experiences will be the better for it!


Partnerships & Projects

Our kind of travel and tourism depends on the development and maintenance of respectful, horizontal partnerships between La Paz on Foot and the many communities where we take our guests means a commitment to long-term relationships built on trust and transparency. Over the past 15 years, we have built a strong network of partners throughout Bolivia and into Peru, Chile and Argentina and much of our success is the result of our long-term collaboration. When you travel with us you’ll see and feel the difference such partnerships make in all aspects of your journeys.


Community Solidarity Fund

Since 2017, Sendas Altas and La Paz on Foot has contributed a percentage of its net profits to a privately-managed fund established to support corporate social responsibility programs. The fund is accessible to our partners for special needs and in times of emergency. For example, in 2019 during the vast fires that burned through the country’s Chiquitano Forests, we provided financial support to purchase firefighting materials for the brave firefighters and park rangers combatting the flames. In all of the places we work, whether urban or rural landscapes, we come across vulnerable populations and our Community Solidarity Fund is there to help.